9 Month Milestone | Emmett

Emmett visited me in my little studio in Sioux Falls for his much-anticipated 9 month milestone photoshoot. I have photographed his two older sisters for all their milestone sessions so I knew that his momma was going to want a milk bath for his 9 month session like we did with his sisters! Sure enough, a few weeks before Lindsay asked me if we could do a milk and cookies theme for his milk bath session and of course I said absolutely! Little did I know that this session would turn into one of my favorites filled with laughter, smiles, and a touch of sweetness.

I knew going into this session that I wanted the focus to be on Emmett and the milk and cookies so I kept the background as simple as possible. I ordered the beautiful green bathtub (which shipped from Europe) and anxiously waited for it to show up! Lindsay let me know that she would bring the cookies and she even bought these milk jars to fill up! The simple idea turned into a creative masterpiece, transforming the photoshoot into a cute moment that would be cherished forever.

We started our session off with a different set up in the studio in an adorable outfit. Once I was sure we capture enough of those, we sat Emmett in the green tub, and surrounded him with warm milk. Then we started adding the cookies! We made sure to pile them along the front and sides and of course in the bath itself. He had a blast munching on the cookies and I made sure to capture every splash, giggle, and adorable expression, freezing these precious moments in time.

Every time I have photographed Emmett he has proved to be a little charmer, a silly boy full of smiles and laughs! This session has been one of my favorites to do this year and I hope you enjoy looking at the photos!

9 month milestone photoshoot
milk and cookies photoshoot
studio milestone photoshoot
9 month old photoshoot
milk and cookies photoshoot
studio milestone photoshoot
milk and cookies
cookies and milk photoshoot
9 month photoshoot

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