What To Wear For Family Pictures

I get asked all the time – “WHAT SHOULD WE WEAR?”

Well…I am here to help!! I like to keep things as simple and streamlined as possible! So, I have narrowed it down to 5 super easy tips on what to wear for family pictures!!


My number one tip is to dress up for your family photos! If you want to go super formal, do it! Or do casual, but not TOO casual! These pictures will be hanging up in your house, in your families houses, and looked back at for generations-to-come. Take it a step – or a few – above your every day wardrobe.

what to wear for family pictures


I always tell my clients to avoid wearing clothing that has big logos, lots of writing, or images on it. In my opinion, logos and writing on clothing distracts from the image and you! This includes shoes! Try to wear sandals, or simple sneakers. I suggest avoiding shoes that have characters on them.


When choosing your family outfits, you will want to pick out one main color and then add accent colors that are complimentary! I suggest starting with one outfit, top to bottom, that you absolutely love, and then start adding in the other family members to coordinate with the first outfit. When creating your wardrobes, use different tones/shades of colors and add some subtle patterns to add variety. Wearing clothes with texture will photograph beautifully! But…be careful to not add TOO many patterns, as it can get busy and distracting in pictures with a lot of patterns.

what to wear for family pictures


Definitely add accessories like hats, bows, watches, belts, jewelry, suspenders, scarves and jackets! These make the pictures more personal to each person in the family. By adding accessories, it also helps add texture and layers to create more visual interest!


This one is incredibly important! If the outfit isn’t something you would normally wear or that you feel comfortable in, don’t wear it. Always keep in mind what you are self conscious about. Some examples would be, if you don’t like showing your arms, wear a 3/4 sleeve or long sleeve shirt or a jacket. If you are self conscious about your legs, wear long pants or a long dress. If you are comfortable and yourself, you are going to have a lot more fun at your session and fall in LOVE with your images. This also goes for your children’s outfits! Make sure they are comfortable in what they are wearing. Kids cooperate better when they aren’t itchy and distracted by their clothing!

The main tip I have is to not stress about what to wear for family pictures!

With the help of this guide you’ll be able to create a stunning family wardrobe that everyone looks good in and feels good in! AND…I am always here to help you!


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